Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is super fun, and a brilliant way to relive stress. You get a real feeling of lightness and floating and the list of health benefits is long: increased muscular flexibility; core strengthening; upper and lower body muscular strengthening; increased joint mobility; low impact cardiovascular conditioning and realignment of the spine.

The fearless ‘flying’ instructor will lead new students through the more technical aspects of the practice with extensive knowledge and a calming presence. The sling is a softer and more elasticated than traditional yoga silks, and has extra side slings to allow for a wider variety of yoga poses. The sling will be adjusted to your height to maximise and tailor your practice. The class starts and ends with soothing meditations inside the sling, and modified versions of various yoga poses in the sling enhanced and deepened the stretches while also adding a very fun acrobatic element!

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