Post-Natal Pilates

Time for Two Post-Natal Pilates (Mums & Bubs)

When you’re caring for a newborn, finding time for physical activity can be challenging. Time for Two post- natal Pilates offers a specific and targeted program to help you gain back some control and return to full function post pregnancy.  You are welcome to bring your bub up to 6 months or until they are on the move. 

Enjoy benefits, such as:

  • regained pelvic floor & core strength,
  • improved posture & flexibility,
  • increased muscle tone & re-shape your body.
  • Improve your mood,
  • relieve stress
  • and help prevent post-partum depression.

Book a Class

Classes are 55 minutes long!

Participants may attend following clearance from your obstetrician typically at 6 weeks following an uncomplicated natural birth or 12 weeks post C-section.