I first started seeing Ben at 14 years old when i was first diagnosed with scoliosis back in 2013 and put into a back brace as my curve was very severe.

I had just started modelling at the time, so this was extremely upsetting for me as i found out i would not be able to continue due to the appearance of my back. My mum and I had been researching different methods for scoliosis treatment as i refused to wear my back brace, and came across the schroth method which Ben practises.

Within the first session of seeing Ben, my mum and i were blown away with the amount of effort and understanding he put into my case. He understood that everything was connected, and there were many different muscles in my body that needed to be strengthened or loosened in order to improve the appearance of my back. I had seen many physios before Ben, and none had ever put this much effort into my case or shown this much knowledge of my condition. Ben practised dry needling on me weekly which made a huge difference to the appearance and also the pain i was experiencing, and also gave me constantly updated exercises to do at home daily. Every concern that i had – Ben always went so out of his way to fix it. It is extremely obvious that Ben has a huge passion for what he does, which shows in the results of his patients.


After a year or so of seeing Ben, at the next spinal x-ray, my bracing doctors and surgeons were completely blown away at the fact that i had not been wearing my brace, but somehow my curve had improved by a few degrees. Every time i had a big meeting with my surgeon or bracing doctor, Ben would always offer to be present or he would give me a call straight after to see how it all went.

Another year later, my modelling agency revisited my case, and decided that my back had improved enough to give me a shot. This would never have happened without Ben. I continued to see Ben for another two years after that before deciding i wanted to get a spinal fusion at 18. Before the surgery, Ben put so much time and effort in to make sure my back was the best it could be so that the surgeons could get it as straight as possible. After surgery my back went from 63 degrees down to 12 degrees. I was absolutely ecstatic with this result and i truly believe the result would not have been anywhere near as good without Ben’s treatment.

Ben’s treatment gave me a better quality of life, and it gave me a lot of hope as scoliosis was something that i really struggled to come to terms with. I am now 19 and have been working full time as a model in Milan. When i am away, Ben still continues physio with me by sending me exercises and being in contact with my physiotherapists abroad to make sure everyone is on the same page with my treatment. I really cannot thank Ben enough for all that he has done and continues to do for me. Without sounding too cliche, he really did change my life for the better and i am forever thankful. I cannot speak highly enough of Ben and would recommend him to anyone.