Once again Activate Physiotherapy is offering a FREE swim screen this swim season in time for open water swimming series and the competitive swimming season.

Many common swimming injuries are the result of poor biomechanics, lack of movement at critical joints, imbalances in muscle strength, and compensation by other muscles. Incorrect stroke techniques can stem from lack of range of motion or muscle strength, and incorrect technique will result in an inefficient stroke and will eventually lead to injury.

The screening is a FREE (usually priced at $100) 15-minute biomechanical assessment that will look at range of motion of critical joints for swimmers as well as muscle strength. It’s suitable for all swimmers of all levels, whether you’re injured, experience pain when swimming or just seeking physiotherapy to help increase your mobility and stroke efficiency. The screening program has been designed by our team of Physio’s who have extensive open water and competitive swimming experience between them.

The screenings involve:

  • Checking for capsular tightness
  • Impingement testing
  • Cervical / thoracic range
  • Lumbo-pelvic dissociation
  • Lower traps and other critical muscle endurance
  • Muscle balance and strength ratios

So whether you’re an open water swimmer, squad swimmer or training for the Rottnest or Busselton Swim, now is a great time to undergo a biomechanical screening to help to identify areas of weakness and restriction to prevent injury throughout the open water season. Our screenings have proven successful and we’ve got some great programs that really work to address each of the potential limitations that swimmers usually present with.

We’ll also provide self-management strategies to help you loosen up before you hit the pool/ocean, and our clinic runs classes a couple of times a week to take people through their programs and refine their exercise & stretching technique. Make a booking now and enter ‘swim screen’ in the ‘reason for appointment’ box!