7 weeks to go!

Monday 4th April – Sunday 10th April


5km run from clinic

Meet at Claremont Medical Centre at 6:45 for a dynamic warmup session and then we will run a quick 5km closer to your goal pace for race day. Your breathing will be heavy, but it should be a pace you will be able to maintain for the entire 12km distance.

Strava RFAR 5km Loop


6x 400m interval session

These sets contain shorter distances and longer recovery periods, so really push yourself during the runs.

  • warmup x 2 laps
  • Complete a timed 400m run, recover with light jog for twice as long, and repeat 6 times. 
  • Cool down 1 Lap & stretch

We suggest the 400 m track at college park.

Strava RFAR 400m Loop


7km (anywhere)

Go for a medium paced 7km run. Try to maintain your pace from last week over the slightly longer distance.

Maybe try this route.

Strava RFAR 7km Loop

Remember to stretch after your run when your muscles are still warm. These stretches will target your quads, calves, glutes, hamstrings, groin and hips. NEVER stretch on cold muscles.