6 weeks to go!

Monday 11th April – Sunday 17th April


4 x 1.5km loop run around Sunset Hospital

Meet at 6.45am on the grass near Iris Avenue at the north west boundary of the old Sunset hospital (look out for the Activate Physio flag) for dynamic warm up and then a moderate to high intensity 4 x 1.5km run with a hill component.


Strava RFAR 1.5km Loop


5km (anywhere)

Run 5km at your goal pace for race day. Your breathing will be heavy, but it should be a pace you will be able to maintain for the entire 12km distance.

Maybe try this route.

Strava RFAR 7km Loop


7km (anywhere)

Go for a 7km run. Try to maintain your pace from last week.

Maybe try this route.

Strava RFAR 7km Loop

Remember to stretch after your run when your muscles are still warm. These stretches will target your quads, calves, glutes, hamstrings, groin and hips. NEVER stretch on cold muscles.