5 weeks to go!

Monday 18th April – Sunday 24th April

“Cowards never start. The weak never commit.

That leaves only us…” Brett Burden 


Outdoor Power Circuit at College Park

Brett Burdon Circuit Training

Meet at Claremont Medical Centre at 6:45 for a dynamic warmup and light jog down to the park.

Brett’s circuits will include Boxing, Resistance work using bodyweight and gravity, short and mid-range intensity running and some of Brett’s famous pearls of wisdom on the art of human movement under load.


6km Run

Go for a 6km run. Really push yourself and see how much your speed has improved over the past few weeks.

You might want to try our 6Km loop route on Strava

Strava RFAR 6km Loop


Complete a 8km run at a moderate pace and stretch.

Go for an 8km run while continuing to work on your speed and stamina.

Remember to stretch after your run when your muscles are still warm. These stretches will target your quads, calves, glutes, hamstrings, groin and hips. NEVER stretch on cold muscles.