CrossFit Functional Screening

Whether you’re trying to achieve a deeper squat or a pain free snatch, or you’re competing in this year’s CrossFit Open and looking to boost your performance; either way you’ll get huge benefits from booking a CrossFit Functional Screening at Activate.
Don’t just take our word for it, check out our interview with 2014 Regionals winner and CrossFit Games competitor Denae Brown on how her treatment with Activate helped her prepare for competition.

We work with athletes at all levels providing:

  • Muscle Activation
  • Posterior Chain Rehab
  • Mobility Programs
  • Active Injury Management
  • Olly Lifting Screenings
  • Dynamic Warm ups

Book a screening

As a limited time offer, you can book a screening with one of our experienced functional movement Physios for only $50 ! Get personalised exercises and mobility advice and receive a treatment plan to address any issues or restrictions picked up in the screening. Enter ‘CrossFit screening’ in the ‘reason for appointment’ box!