FlyGym Aerial Fitness

Whether you want to unwind and release, tone and sculpt with Aerial Pilates, pick up some new tricks at Aerial Arts, or put your core to the test with FlyGym Strength and Conditioning – there are FlyGym classes to suit everyone.

New to Perth, FlyGym combines the traditional fitness goals of endurance, strength and power whilst adding fluidity, flexibility, stability and release. The Fly Gym anti-gravity system has the most comfortable slings on the market and allows all exercises to be easily modified to suit your capability. Class numbers are limited so you’ll always have a friendly instructor close by to assist you if needed.

Flygym Aerial Pilates

These classes are based around the concepts of clinical Pilates whilst utilising the Flygym aerial suspension system for a more rounded and diverse experience. These classes will leave you toned and sculpted and probably with a smile on your face.

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FlyGym Strength and Conditioning  

The most challenging of our Flygym classes, you will find yourself using your core to stabilise throughout whilst also gaining great stabilising strength around your hips and shoulders.

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FlyGym Teen Injury Prevention

Combining exercises for sports related strength, stability and control with Flygym aerial suspension for some fun but functional exercises aimed at adolescents. We aim to condition the participants so we prevent injuries rather than fix them!

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Flygym Aerial Arts 

An exercise session designed to help strengthen and build endurance in the postural muscles of juniors and teens. The Flygym aerial suspension system is utilised so the participants can achieve these improvements all while enjoying their exercises, everyone likes to fly and hang upside down right? Classes are available for ages 8 to 17 years.

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