Postural Retraining


In this day and age poor posture is a huge issue affecting thousands of people young and old leading to pain, headaches, lost concentration and attendance at school and work and is only getting worse. Our bodies are designed so that our head should sit on top of our spine and our shoulders should be in line with the ears. The introduction of computers and recently smart phones and other devices has led to a population that is suffering more and more with pain and dysfunction related to poor posture.


Poor posture comes about gradually with increasing weakness and poor endurance in key postural muscles as well as over activity of other muscles in order to compensate. This leads to imbalances that worsen with time and continued adaption of poor postures. These imbalances cause pain and dysfunction that can impact greatly on day to day life.


At Activate Physiotherapy we can provide relief through manual therapy, dry needling, taping, bracing as well as a specific exercise program to provide better muscle balance as well as strength and endurance to key muscle groups for a long term solution. We can also give ergonomic advice to help improve your posture in the work place as well as at home.

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