Scoliosis Screening


Physiotherapists are often the first to discover a scoliotic curve. In our clinic, we are finding more girls in their early teens whose scoliosis has gone unnoticed. We believe that having professional screening of girls aged 11 and up will improve the detection rate. This will allow children early access to the best care and ultimately improve their future quality of life, reducing pain and physical deformity.

Standing x-rays are essential to document the degree of spinal curvature. Imaging Central Radiology and Booragoon Radiology use the most modern techniques with full digital x-ray machines. These produce ½ of the dose of a standard x-ray. Considering that a child with scoliosis may need to have 6 to 12 monthly follow up x-rays for several years it is important to minimise their exposure to radiation. Both radiological clinics are offering bulk billing for scoliosis x-ray referrals from Activate Physiotherapy.


While very small curves are common and of no significance, about 2.5% of children have a curve which warrants medical observation during the growth period. If treatment is required, the earlier it is undertaken, the better the long-term result. This is the basis for screening since in the early stages scoliosis produces no symptoms. The way to detect scoliosis is to look for it.


If parents would like their child to be screened they can contact the clinic and book in for a free 15 minute screening at Activate.

If further investigation is required, students will be referred for a spinal x-ray at one of our screening partners, which will be bulk billed. After the x-ray students can re-attend at the physio clinic to discuss the results and the best management plan.
A copy of the results will be forwarded to the patients GP.

To arrange an appointment please phone the clinic
on 9384 0544 or email: