At Activate Physiotherapy we know sports and more importantly we know how to treat sports injuries. Whether you are an elite footy player or a casual sports person we have all the experience in the world needed to accurately assess, diagnose and fix your injury.

However we believe that treating your injury is not enough. We believe in identifying the cause of the injury including any physical deficits that might have contributed to that, and creating a treatment programme to correct this. By doing this we will get you back playing your sport stronger and better than ever.

Why choose us

Your body is important, so choose carefully who you get to treat it.

Our sports physiotherapists have worked with professional sports people throughout the world and are industry leaders in this field. Our physiotherapists have played an integral part in the treatment, rehabilitation of professional athletes in sporting teams and organisations and contributed to their success.

Our physios can support you from start to finish, and help with ongoing hands on management that includes an individualised rehabilitation program. We incorporate manual therapy, exercise prescription, strength & conditioning, running program, and all the way up to returtn to play decision making and long term prevention.

Sports Performance

In addition to treating sports injuries we also provide services to help you improve your sporting performance and make sure that you do everything possible to reduce the risk for recurrence of the same injuries or other injuries as much as possible.

Swimming Injury Assessment

Have you ever wondered why you suffer from pain when swimming? We offer a screening assessment of the biomechanics of your stroke. Based on our findings we will provide you with a specific programme to help you swim pain free, but also to swim better.

Running Assessment

Poor running technique and biomechanics is one of the most common causes of pain with athletes. At Activate Physiotherapy we can accurately assess your running using our expert knowledge of running techniques and the muscles involved. In addition we will further assess your running using GaitScan technology. GaitScan technology allows us to see exactly what your foot is doing when you walk/run. This will allow us to advise you on the best footwear and training programmes to get back to running pain free and performing better than ever.


Golf Assessment

Golf Assessment

As golfers we can only do what our body allows us to do. There is no point going to a driving range unless your body is capable of swinging your clubs properly, no amount of balls on the driving range will fix this. We aim to address these body restrictions in order for golfers to be able perform consistently better and with less aches and pains.

We will identify the physical limitations that have been affecting the golf game. We will inform the golfer of the specific muscles and joints that need to be addressed in order to improve performance on the course.

We will then address these physical limitations with a programme of skilled hands on therapy. We will also create a custom made golf specific exercise programme for the golfer. These techniques are based on extensive medical research and are the same as the techniques that are applied to PGA professionals.

Our “Improve your Body. Improve your Game” programme will achieve results! We will improve your body and therefore improve your golf swing and reduce your scores.

Weight Lifting

Whether you lift heavy or lift light; Olympic lift, Power lift or CrossFit; strengthen, bulk or tone, maintaining and improving a training load is difficult with technique deficits based around physical limitations.

At Activate Physiotherapy, we know what it takes to lift with maximal efficiency, and decrease the risk of injury. We understand lifters – Our physiotherapists lift.

Activate Physiotherapy is the only physiotherapy practice in Perth to use a screening protocol developed specifically for lifters that looks at the components that are necessary for lifters to have, in order to attain optimal biomechanical efficiency.

Our aim is to keep you lifting.

Little Athletics

One of Australia’s great summer sports is Little Athletics.

The Physiotherapists at Activate Physiotherapy are determined to do their best to ensure that the next Sally Pearson or Mitchell Watt continues to excel in the sport.

Activate Physiotherapy has been instrumental in developing screening protocols specific to the three main disciplines of Little Athletics: Running, Throwing and Jumping.

Based on the results we can identify issues that predispose your little athlete to injury and prevent optimal performance. Ultimately given this, we can give you the appropriate exercises to ensure that continued improvement and success is possible.