Real Time Ultrasound Assessment

At Activate Physiotherapy & Pilates in Claremont we use the most up to date technology to assess and treat our clients. The Real-Time Ultrasound machine is a valuable tool used by our physiotherapists to diagnose and assess soft tissue injuries, muscle control and function, and to teach clients how to correctly recruit core muscles.

The Real-Time Ultrasound machine varies from Therapeutic Ultrasound in that it detects the echoes of the high frequency sound waves which allow the machine to form an image of your muscles and tendons. The feedback is constant, and in real-time so that we are able to see exactly how the muscle is moving.  This technique is safe, and completely pain free and is the same technology that is used in pregnancy ultrasound.

We use this tool in helping to grade suspected muscle or tendon tears, track soft tissue repair, assess muscle recruitment and also as a training tool for new pilates clients to learn how to correctly recruit core and pelvic floor muscles.

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