Strength & Conditioning / Clinical Exercises are the selection of different dynamic / static exercises to improve physical performance. These exercises are used to improve strength, mobility, stability, speed, power, endurance, agility and more.

Our Physios are highly trained in developing personalised exercie programs that would suit your specific needs, and are based on a comprehensive initial assessment. Whether you have sustained an injury, been having pain / physical limitation, recently had a surgical procedure, or simply want to feel better / improve your sports performance – structuring a well rounded and long term exercise routine will help you acheive your goals.

In our clinic’s fully equiped gym, we have 1X1 or 2X1 Clinical Exercise sessions that would allow you to perform the different exercises with supervision of our physios. We will make sure that you feel confident with the program and make modifications as needed along the way as you progress. We can also perscribe a Home Exercise Program that you can progress to when ready, or even go ahead start with if you prefer from the beginning.

It is important to us that the program will be the best one for you, that is why we do everything we can do individualise the program specifically to your requirements, schedule, and availability.

No matter if you are a competitive / recreational athlete, young or old, getting back to exercises after a while, and even if you never exercised before – you can benefit from getting an individual Exercise Program and start feeling better as soon as possible.