Strength & Mobility Testing

In our clinic we use the Activforce 2, an advanced, digital hand-held strength and angle measurement tool to objectively and accurately measure your strength and range of motion. We can optimise your rehabilitation program by clearly identifying weaknesses and deficits as well as track progress throughout your recovery and guide return to sport. 

We can measure:

  • Individual muscle groups and movements
  • Joint range of motion
  • Record average and peak force values
  • View left/right symmetry
  • Show your results in real time
  • Track progress and performance over time

We use handheld dynamometry for muscle testing in many stages of treatment including pre-event screening, post-surgery rehabilitation, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.

If you have an upcoming sporting event, can’t seem to improve in your sport, have a recurring injury, are post injury or surgery or even just want to prevent potential injury, manual muscle testing is an effective and objective way for us to guide your progress.