What happens after surgery?

Due to the nature of most surgical procedures, strength and mobility of surrounding soft tissue is lost. Swelling, pain and immobility also contribute to deconditioning.

Thankfully, there are plenty of physiotherapy interventions to address these deficiencies to get you moving in the most comfortable way.

Our Physios also make sure to communicate with your surgeon, to understand what are their guidlines / restrictions for the first few weeks and to make sure that you have a clear and safe rehabilitation program.


Post-operative rehabilitative physiotherapy helps in the recovery and re-gaining function after the procedure and involves:

  • Supervised restorative exercises to reduce swelling, increase mobility and improve strength
  • Use of equipment that can help to actively assist exercises to make it more comfortable to do
  • Hands on manual therapy to relieve symptoms and reduce swelling
  • Prescription of a gym / home exercise programme to maintain the gains made in treatment
  • Progression of exercises to aim toward regaining full function
  • Advice and education on how to best manage symptoms

It is extremely important to keep reassessing your progression, to modify the rehabilitation program accordingly, and to ensure that you are maximising your gains. This is to allow for full recovery and a safe return to your normal life including work / sports participation.