Class Timetables

Aerial Arts – Term Enrollment 

A fun, active 60 minute class designed by our physiotherapists and aerialist to improve on core strength, postural awareness and stability in growing children. Run in a circuit like fashion under the supervision of our experienced physiotherapists and aerialist with a maximum of 7 participants these classes will teach your child how to be aware of their posture and improve their core strength. A dynamic range of challenging maneuvers focusing on speed, strength and flexibility for injury prevention. 

Aerial Pilates

These classes are based around the concepts of clinical Pilates whilst utilising the Flygym aerial suspension system for a more rounded and diverse experience. These classes will leave you toned and sculpted and probably with a smile on your face.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is super fun, and a brilliant way to relive stress. You get a real feeling of lightness and floating and the list of health benefits is long: increased muscular flexibility; core strengthening; upper and lower body muscular strengthening; increased joint mobility; low impact cardiovascular conditioning and realignment of the spine.

Aerial  Moves – Term Enrollment 

Aerial Moves is a combination of traditional dance elements, aerial silks and flexibility training. You will learn the fundamentals of aerials, starting by anti-gravity training the right muscles in order to compete an acrobatic move in the air. The class will build your confidence for approaching aerial classes, general strength and improve your core muscles. To develop your skills quality we recommend attending our FlyGym Aerial Pilates class however it is not a pre-requisite.

Sml Group Clinical Pilates

A small group class of no more than 4 participants. Participants in the class will use out DMA reformers, trapeze table, barrel as well as fitball and mat work while carrying out their individualised program under the guidance and supervision of a DMA Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapist. Each participant must have had an individual consultation before entering the class to establish their individual program. Please contact reception regarding our updated timetable and availability 9384 0544.