Golf Performance

There is no point going to a driving range unless your body is physically capable of swinging your clubs properly, no amount of balls on the driving range will fix this. We leave the golf swing to Golf Pro’s – they know this better than us. However we understand biomechanics and put our whole focus on your body which makes taking shots off your handicap not just possible but probable.

Our “Improve your Body. Improve your Game” programme is scientifically and clinically proven to work and is based on techniques used with PGA tour golfers.

Golf Performance WA programme will:

  • Focus on the critical physical attributes of the golfer: flexibility, stability, power, strength, posture and segmental control.
  •  Determine if you have a weakness, muscle imbalance or muscle tightness and then correct it. Thereby saving you money (buying new equipment), improving your game and reducing pain.
  • Add distance to your shot by improving muscular control and power
  • Allow you to hit more greens in regulation by ensuring your body is now able to swing the club correctly and consistently.


Golf Performance WA will identify physical and postural limitations and inform the golfer of the golf specific muscles that need to be addressed in order to maintain and improve performance. We will address these physical limitations with hands on therapy and create an individualised exercise programme. By doing this we will improve your body and therefore improve your golf swing and reduce your scores.

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